It’s all fun and games…

By: Elaine M. McDermott, Club Z! In-Home Tutoring
Published: October 20, 2022
Phone: 412-851-3065

Learning doesn’t always have to be hard work. We often learn by doing and playing. Here are ideas to help you keep learning fun at any age.

Do activities that include following directions, planning, and calculating. Cooking requires following a recipe, time management and math. D-I-Y projects involve directions, planning out the steps and problem solving along the way. (Who hasn’t ended up with an extra screw when
assembling something at home). Sports events provide an opportunity to calculate stats such as batting averages or QB ratings.

Find media programs that relate to school topics. Movies, TV shows, plays, etc., often provide a different dimension to that history or science lesson that is in the classroom. Going to the museum, the library, or the zoo, provides yet another way to round out the topic.

Play games that build memory, logic, and math skills. Card games, board games, or logic-based computer games, can build valuable skills.

Research topics of curiosity. Are you constantly being asked about the stars in the skies or why do plants grow or die? Using that as an opportunity to go to the library or look it up on the web helps to encourage curiosity. It also starts to help build processes to learn more.

Use memory strategies in the real world. Ask your child to help you remember a name or a list.  Make up an acronym or mnemonic to help. I will never forget how to spell GEOGRAPHY.. I still remember my 4th grade teacher saying ‘George Eagles Old Grandfather Rode A Pig Home

Study with a recorder. They are on every phone and so readily available. Create a news broadcast or a silly song about the information that is being studied.

Flip roles. Have your student be the teacher and try to explain concepts to you. This is also something that is great in the workforce as well.

There are many other ideas to utilize to take learning to another dimension. With the influx of technology, we can see, touch, feel, explore, and EXPERIENCE much differently. Making it fun and interactive, keeps their attention and uses other parts of the brain to bring things to life.

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