3 Reasons to Book Your Vacation Early

By: Tina McHugh, Mystical Dream Travel
Published: October 20, 2022
Phone: 724-787-5419
Website: www.mysticaldreamtravel.com

A wise person, once said, “the early bird gets the best deals”.  This is definitely true when it comes to  booking a vacation, especially during popular travel times, like Spring Break, Fall Break, Holidays and Summertime!

We all want the best—the best deal, the best hotel, the best destination at the best time of the year for our vacation, after all, this is something we look forward to all year. It’s our time to relax and make memories with our family.  Experienced travelers know the secret to getting the vacation they want and that is to plan and book as early as possible.

Booking your vacation early, has many advantages. Here are the top three reasons you should book your vacation early.

  1. Best Packages and Pricing. If you are on a budget, booking early may help.   When you book your vacation early you likely are receiving the best pricing.   Gone are the days, where there are “special deals” for last minute bookings.  Vacation travel is in high demand and resorts are filling up fast, so travel suppliers do not need to offer last minute vacation deals. If they are offered, they are for a limited time and select dates.  When you book early you are securing the best rate; keep in mind that prices do go up throughout the year making pricing higher for last minute bookings.
  2. Something To Look Forward Too and More Time to Plan.  Booking your vacation early gives your family something exciting to look forward too and definitely gives you more time to plan all the fun things you can explore during your vacation.
  3. Best Room Choices and Availability. When you book early you are able to have your pick of room categories.   If your budget is for a standard room you will have your first pick, these room categories tend to go fast, the same can be said for higher end rooms. When you delay your booking, you most likely will have to pick a higher end room and if this is not in your budget, you may have to change your plans or pick a different location.

Booking early gives you peace of mind, you won’t have to rush around trying to find a resort/hotel or plan last minute experiences (that you may not even want, because what you really want is no longer available).  By booking early you will have plenty of time to work with a travel agent to plan the vacation you really want so that you can make lasting memories with your family.   If you have a vacation in mind for 2023 or 2024, we highly recommend that you start planning now.