The History of WBN

Founded in 1989

Ms. Dee Dotter

The Women’s Business Network, Inc. was founded in Southwestern Pennsylvania in October 1989 by Ms. Dee Dotter, owner of a group of personal care homes.  She and five other women entrepreneurs initially met in Robinson Twp. with the goal of bringing business women together to help each other succeed. The organization was directed by Ms. Dotter and the founding members for approximately 2 years until the group decided it was time to formalize and expand. Consequently, By-laws were written and a Board of Directors was elected.  As hoped, WBN began to grow and additional chapters were formed in and around the Pittsburgh area. In May 1994, WBN became incorporated and in 1998 WBN, Inc. was granted a not-for-profit status by the IRS as a 501c6 organization. Thanks to Ms. Dee Dotter and this group of amazing women, WBN, Inc. is celebrating over 30 years of being a established resource for networking and education for so many business women in the Greater Pittsburgh region and beyond.

WBN members have demonstrated their desire to help others in their community by giving service to various organizations including, but not limited to, The Center for Women, Project Journey, Dress for Success, the Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank, Angela’s Angels and numerous shelters for women and children. Since its founding, WBN has grown to support 20+ chapters in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  If there is not a chapter near you at this time, consider starting one! WBN will help you in every way to do so. WBN is proud to support the growth of women business owners and professionals through WBN’s network of chapters and we personally invite you to become a part of our membership’s success story.