Enhancing Information Gathering Skills

By: Elaine M McDermott, Club Z! In-Home Tutoring
Published: July 8, 2022
Website: www.clubztutoring.com/pittsburgh

While your child is in school, they gather information to study by listening, note-taking, reading, and participating. Here are a few tips to use during the summer to continue to hone their ability.

  • Encourage family discussions – Having a child practice listening and asking questions in a comfortable place (such as over dinner), they are more likely to raise their hand in class.
  • Ask your child what they did today and don’t give up if they mumble “nothing”. Ask them leading questions such as – How was swimming? Who did you hang out with? How was Camp today? What’s one thing you learned today? What’s one thing you did extra nice today?
  • Ask your child to teach you – The best way to learn is to teach to someone else. If they said that they learned how to play dodgeball at camp, ask for a step by step demonstration. Ask them questions.
  • Demonstrate good listening skills – Model by sitting up straight, keeping eye contact, respond non-verbally by nodding for example, and ask questions to reinforce.
  • Encourage questions – Show your child that their questions are both welcome and interesting. Say “I’m so glad you asked me that,” or “what a great question. These will boost their confidence for when they return to school.

If you would like more tips or tricks, please reach out to Club Z! Tutoring of Pittsburgh and ask about our Learning Built to Last program. Call us at 412-348-8599 or visit our site at www.clubztutoring.com/pittsburgh for more information.