about WBN

WBN is a group that embraces diversity and focus. Our diversity shines through in our membership that includes savvy business professionals, determined small business owners, daring entrepreneurs and polished corporate leaders.

You’ll have access to experts in any field you can think of … legal, financial, business services, personal and home services, retail, insurance real estate … you get the idea. Our members thrive on sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other!

Each WBN member has access to every other member in all chapters. While your primary touchpoints are your own chapter members, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet members from all over our footprint at large scale events or whenever you choose to visit other chapters.

With a reach that spans six counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, WBN offers membership in more than 20 chapters. While our chapters are category-exclusive (one member per specific business category), you can still visit other chapters anytime to expand your WBN relationships.

And our focus? It’s to provide YOU and every member with the resources and connections you need to thrive!

Going Strong Since 1989

WBN was founded in October 1989 by Dee Dotter, owner of a group of personal care homes. The original chapter of six women met with the goal of bringing women together to help each other expand their businesses.

WBN is proud to support the growth of women business owners and professionals through its network of chapters and we personally invite you to become a part of our membership’s success story.


Find Your Tribe in WBN

Network and build relationships. Educate others and yourself. Mastermind and collaborate. Develop leadership skills. Be recognized. And so much more!