Pandemic Preparation

As I write this article the President has just declared a National State of Emergency because of COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Some of us are scared, others think the media has blown the whole thing out of proportion, but most of us are just worried about our families, friends, and incomes. As an insurance agent, I can’t help but wonder how many of those in my community have taken the time to prepare for a worst case scenario in their lives, pandemic or not.

Colleagues in my field are handling call after call of worried clients who are wondering what their insurance might do for them in the event they get ill from the Coronavirus and are unable to work. While these times are certainly concerning, the last time a Global Pandemic was declared was in June 2009. By comparison in 2019 there were over 8 million Americans on disability, according to the Social Security Administration. So as a working member of your family, are you as worried about a disability as you have been about the Coronavirus? This pandemic is being taken seriously, and rightfully so, but will you be prepared after it’s over?
Even more eye-opening are the amount of people looking for financial assistance after the death of a loved one. As of this writing, there were over 3 million fundraising pages on requesting funeral expenses. That’s 3 million families who were struck with emotional, and financial devastation, when they lost a loved one. After this pandemic is over, will you and your family be prepared for the inevitable?

Few want to think about the worst case scenario but when confronted with it, many are wishing they had been better prepared. Call your insurance agent today and make sure your family is prepared for any emergency, not just the ones that happen once in a decade.


Kelly Motter, Agent

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