On the fence about joining the 2023 Spring Intensive Mastermind Workshop?

Here’s what Board Member Heidi Beam Monroeville Chapter had to say about her experience with the pilot group:

“I joined the Mastermind Group, and I set a goal of holding a workshop in 6 months. The scary part of this wasn’t the holding the workshop. I can do that. I’ve done that many times. The scary part was the “in 6 months” part.

That means that in less than 6 months, I have to come up with a topic, write content, advertise it, figure out a price, get people to attend, figure out where or how I’m holding it, and actually hold the workshop. All in only 6 months.

I made sure I used my Mastermind time to work on my workshop. There were many other projects I could have done during our hour a week work sessions, but I took a break from those, and I spent that hour only working on the workshop stuff. Whatever needed done for the workshop is what I worked on for that full hour. Some of those days I was already working on the workshop all day at work, but most of those days I was doing other things and I would take a break from those things to join the Mastermind Power Hour and work on just the workshop. In doing this, I had over 16 hours of dedicated workshop time!  Some days I worked on an outline or content, some days on advertising, some days on pricing, some days on where to find the perfect client, but I was sure to only work on workshop stuff during the Mastermind Power Hour.

Without the Mastermind, I still could’ve held the workshop. It would’ve been scheduled for a year or longer away. I never would have been able to do it all in 6 months. Being around like-minded people working on their business helped me to do more than I thought I could. As a result of the Mastermind, I pushed myself to stretch what I could do. I pushed myself and was able to plan and hold a workshop in only 6 months.”

Register by February 24th and get ready to thrive!