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WBN provides personal and professional resources to advance the presence of aspiring and successful businesswomen.

What makes the Women’s Business Network (WBN) such a special Business Networking Group?

In a word – Access.  As a WBN member, you have access to hundreds of successful business women.  Our members have years of experience in a multitude of different industries and can offer advice, products, services, and positive connections to help you succeed.

WBN mission statement:
WBN advances the presence of successful businesswomen by providing personal and professional resources to each member.

As with all networking groups, you get what you give.

What you Get:

Event Calendar

As a WBN member, you will become part of a community of dynamic women committed to the success of not only their businesses, but the success of others within the organization. You will get to know the other  members well enough that your eagerly refer each other to friends and colleagues. As a member, you will find that other members are committed to helping you be successful not only in your business, but in all parts of life.  Through the table topic sections of our meetings and leadership trainings held twice a year, you will learn how to improve your business skills, helping your business to grow. As a WBN member, you receive access to special events, exclusive members only discounts, and advertising opportunities.

What you Give:

As a WBN member you will support other business women by offering your knowledge, products, services and support.  WBN members also give back to our community on two levels.  The entire organization adopts a yearly service project that we support together. Each chapter has a their own service project they support.  Projects have ranged from Food Banks, Women’s Shelters and raising money for a child that needs to have surgery to Angela’s Angels, an organization supplying prom gowns to young ladies who otherwise would miss the attending the Prom.  Each person gives as they choose; some members donate products, services, monetary donations or time.

WBN, Inc. Networking Events:

In addition to regular Chapter meetings, WBN hosts a variety of educational and social activities throughout the year. Each event gives members and guests an opportunity to network with, and meet, the entire organization.

Upcoming Events Are:

Tuesday, October 13th @ 6:00pm
Chapter Rep / Board Meeting
Wooden Nickel, Monroeville, PA


Chapters have a total of $200 for the year (July 1st through June 30th) to use for chapter recruiting. This money can be used in any fashion such as: printing/mailing invitations, refreshments, door prizes, etc. Some chapters have even used this stipend toward a membership in their local Chamber of Commerce. Just remember that you must submit receipts to Kristina Rugh, WBN Bookkeeper, along with a reimbursement form to receive the money.


Annual dues payment policy

Annual dues are to be paid by the end of your anniversary month.  You can find this date on the website.

Login-MEMBER AREA –Manage My Account – Renewal due on [your due date]

Grace Period: If you pay by the 7th day of the month following your renewal date you will pay $ 130.00 + $25.00 or if you are of the Mentor Status, $30 + $25 late fee to remain in good standing.

MISSED THE GRACE PERIOD: If you are past the 7 day grace period your account will be suspended and you will lose your tenure and have to re-apply and be voted back into your chapter.

Best Practice is to pay your annual dues at the beginning of your anniversary month. If you pay by check be sure to pay the first week of your anniversary month to allow for mailing and processing time. Paying in the first week will not change your anniversary date and you will save yourself from undue stress. Payments can be made online.










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