Could Your 4” Heels Be Hazardous to Your Health?

By Denise Fahrion (Collective Balance) —Criders Corners Chapter Have you ever thought about how effortlessly you walk across a room? Did you know that your body has to shift its center of gravity to one side while briefly balancing on one leg as it swings the other leg? This lateral shift happens with a combination […]

Building on Your Financial Foundation

Setting investment goals Setting goals is an important part of financial planning. Before you invest your money, you should spend some time considering and setting your personal goals. For example, do you want to retire early? Would you like to start your own business soon? Do you need to pay for a child’s college education? […]

Ask WBN!

The WBN Vice President includes a question/suggestion section at each Chapter Rep meeting. This section of the meeting provides answers to questions submitted by chapter reps or members and takes into consideration suggestions from the membership. If you have a question or suggestion for our Vice President, please visit our online submission form.  You may […]

Treasure House Fashions – Update

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine and longer hours of daylight, as we get closer and closer to the arrival of Spring! I am reaching out to you today on behalf of my fellow WBN Wexford Chapter member, Sally Power, executive director of Treasure House Fashions. As a long-standing member of WBN, […]

NEW WBN Flyer Available To Chapters

ATTENTION CHAPTERS: If your chapter needs a little boost to your marketing efforts and would like to have a WBN marketing flyer (see left) designed for your chapter please contact Donna Cheswick at On the flyer, in addition to your meeting date/time/location, you can list some of the open business categories that you would […]