South Hills Recruiting Event at The Yard

On Thursday, September 20, 2018 the South Hills chapter of WBN hosted a successful Recruiting Event at The Yard at The Galleria.  Ten current members welcomed eight guests to join us for an evening of networking, fun, and to learn more about WBN membership. 

After some casual introductions, mingling, and munching on appetizers, Serena King welcomed the guests, followed by Lucy Cichon and Tracy Montarti who spoke about WBN and more specifically about the South Hills chapter.  

All the members in attendance presented their 30 second commercials and a bit of information about why they are members of WBN and how the chapter has added to their professional and/or personal development. Some spoke of their greatly increased confidence in public speaking since becoming a member, while others emphasized the increased business through referrals and the camaraderie of the group. 

Our guests presented their 30 second commercials and shared their business cards. There was a lot of lively conversation about their businesses and what they offer. We shared a WBN brochure and a full color flyer showcasing the business cards of all chapter members with each guest.  Special thanks to Susan Giegel and her staff at Minuteman Press for printing the flyers!

The potential new members represent the categories of skin care/anti-aging, hospice care, banking, catering, life coaching for women, non-profit autism advocacy, and mortgage lending.  Several of the guests have submitted their application to join. We look forward to introducing them soon!

Welcome to our new members!

For more information about joining the South Hills chapter of WBN, please get in touch by visiting our chapter page and clicking on the ‘Contact Chapter’ button at the bottom.