2018–2019 WBN Service Project



Treasure House is a unique social enterprise organization. The sale of deeply discounted merchandise to any shopper provides about 73% of our operating revenue. Not only do shoppers feel good about finding notable brand bargains, but they know their purchases enable us to accomplish our mission of providing clothing for women in transition or crisis. It’s shopping with a mission!

Our mission is “promoting the dignity and self-esteem of women, particularly women in transition or crisis. Outward appearance is not an accurate reflection of your worth, but it can affirm the treasure that you truly are.”

We cater to:  Single Moms, Sassy Seniors, and Female Veterans.

By giving them HALF OFF their purchases during regular store hours.  These three groups experience challenges that can drain their energy and resources.

We are the “closet” for agencies.

We provide a specific need of clothing, but recognize that women experiencing crisis need more. We encourage them to connect with agencies to receive service leading to lasting empowerment. Through 60 agencies we distribute gift certificates for clothing at our shop. The agencies address needs are as diverse as the challenges that face the women they serve: homelessness, addiction, incarceration, unwed mothers, domestic violence, poverty, divorce care, health problems, unemployment, and natural disasters. If clothing donations are made directly to specific agencies, they often do not have the available space to store or display the merchandise. Working collaboratively, the agency can focus on their programs, and their clients have the dignity of “shopping” for what they like, as well as what they need at our facility.

We offer application of Life Skills.

When clients come to our shop with gift certificates distributed through their respective agencies, they have the opportunity to “try out” the budgeting and decision making skills that have been taught in their respective programs. Their gift certificates are in increments of $30, but they are redeemed at HALF OFF – so the clients get a “bargain”, too! With gentle assistance from our volunteers, the clients choose clothing for their needs and personal taste within the limits of their resources which are provided at no expense to the individual or agency.

We provide a long-term resource.

Even after clients have moved beyond their “crisis,” Treasure House Fashions is a viable resource of affordable clothing for any woman in our economically challenging times. Doing some “fashion treasure hunting” to find a personal bargain is rewarding and empowering. Since Treasure House Fashions is accessible to any woman, it does not have the stigma of being for the “needy”. Within our walls, our friendly shoppers exchange fashion advice and encouragement in a nurturing manner, regardless of their financial status!

What can WBN do?

  • Attend a Social Girls Night Out Event.
  • Participate/contribute to a Sponsored Girls Night Out event.
  • Contribute funds and/or muscle to our Stand with Me project to re-floor half of our main are in December.
  • Volunteer at the shop to process shoes, purses or scarves (Especially in January).
  • Donate items from our Wish List.
  • Purge your closet and deliver to Treasure House Fashions.
  • Shop at Treasure House Fashions.
  • Schedule a Social Girls Night Out event.
  • Support our fundraisers and/or sales.
    – Premier Bag Sale: $25 door donation then $30/bag (avg value = $300/bag) (July 31 – August 1)
    – Regular Bag Sale: no door donation, $30/bag (August 2 thru August 11 during store hours)
    – Purse Bash: Thursday, September 27 (Early Bird tickets now thru July 31 $35 – After July 31 $40)
    – Premier Bag Sale: $25 door donation then $30/bag (avg value = $300/bag) (January 29 – January 30)
    – Regular Bag Sale: no door donation, $30/bag (January 31 thru February 9 during store hours)
    – Glass Slipper Ball: Saturday, March 2 from 3:00pm-6:00pm
    – Spuds & Duds: Sunday, April 28 from 3:00pm-6:00pm


Sally Power (Wexford Chapter)
Ph:  412-364-3256