Member FAQ

What about members who have recently joined who paid $155 with the promise of a $130 renewal rate?

When it comes time to renew, they will still get to enjoy the $130 renewal rate or switch to $15/month if that works better for their budget.

My renewal date isn't for many months. Is there anything I need to do now?

Nope! Your membership will continue as normal and when it comes time to renew you will need to go in and make your selection to set up your recurring payment for monthly or annual membership.

Can't you just use the credit card information I entered last time and make it a recurring payment?

No, for many reasons. First WBN does not have access to your payment information, nor would we be authorized to activate a payment using your payment information. Second, previous payments were made using PayPal and the new system uses Wild Apricot Payments/Affinipay which is a different payment processor.

I just paid/renewed my membership. Can I switch to the monthly option now?

No, but the bright side is that you’re paid up for the year already at the lowest possible rate! You’ll be able to switch to monthly the next time you renew. Just remember that your payment will not be automatic until you set that up.