What is WBN?

From humble beginnings of a six member group in 1989 WBN has grown to nearly 400 members in 25+ chapters.  Membership in the WBN networking community is a unique opportunity for women business owners and women professionals alike.  Our organization is not a service but a forum for individuals who desire business success- your participation is required. Your commitment to the growth and success of the organization and of other member’s businesses will in turn become the growth and success of your business. Therefore, the relationship between the organization and the individual is a partnership in itself.

WBN provides opportunities in the areas of individual growth through our Chapter Leadership Training and Annual Retreat programs. We also provide business growth through our table topic discussions and our membership’s dedication to the use of our member network resources. We provide the networking structure through meetings and events, you just need to attend and participate!

At every meeting, every member will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves and give a 30 second ‘commercial’ about their business and service and one or two members are chosen per meeting to give a presentation about their business.  The group also has a table topic discussion followed by free time to network with other members and exchange referrals.   Each member will be able to maximize their networking potential at the meetings as WBN adheres to a strict policy of non-competing business category representation.

You may view our Networking Success Stories listed under TESTIMONIALS to see how WBN has grown our members’ businesses.

Please check out the CHAPTER LOCATIONS to find and read more about the chapter nearest your home or business.