2017–2018 WBN Service Project

The Center For Women


The service project with the Center For Women will be coming to an end soon. It’s been a wonderful year of WBN members and chapters providing support to CFW programming by hosting roundtable and networking events, as well as their individual knowledge by providing workshops, and as mentors, advisors and internship providers to CFW clients.

We are still looking to do a networking blow-out event (either a Sunday brunch on June 10th or an evening event on a weeknight) in June. This could be co-hosted by two chapters. Please contact Berni Bishop Pirollo for details and to sign up for this activity.

We also hope that your support of CFW will continue. You can support CFW through direct financial donations, sponsorship of major events, or by donating your time and experience to help their clients. Additionally, just sharing their information with women you may know that are in some form of transition is a help to CFW. Bookmark their website and share it whenever you can: http://www.centerforwomenpgh.org


Berni Bishop Pirollo (Pittsburgh City East)
bernibishop@mac.com 412-422-3430