2017 – 2018 WBN Service Project

The Center For Women

The Center for Women (CFW) helps women in transi on achieve and maintain economic independence through workshops, mentoring and networking programs. Women going through life transi ons such as divorce, separa on, loss of a partner, returning to work a er raising kids or caring for an ill family member, changing careers, or experiencing a long- term unemployment are the primary bene ciaries. They serve all women without regard to race, religion, income or geographic boundaries.

WBN Members can support the CFW in many ways through the programs and services o ered at the Center. They can o er free workshops, become mentors and o er internships to women looking to build their resumes and gain work experience, etc. Women complete a minimum of 60 hours at an Internship Host Site and are then awarded a small comple on s pend and travel reimbursement.