South Hills

The South Hills Chapter was formed in 1990 and a number of members have belonged to WBN since the chapter was formed. A number of these women are Past-Presidents and past Board members. There are currently 31 members in our chapter and a great deal of business is exchanged. There is a lot of support and camaraderie among the members!

The South Hills Chapter meets the first and third Thursday of each month from 8 AM-9:30 AM at Kings Restaurant on McMurray Road in Upper St. Clair. Each member, as well as guests, get time to market their business and thank others for referrals. At each meeting we have a member give a “presentation” of her business for about 15 minutes followed by a member who does a talk called a “table topic” which is usually a subject that would be of interest to everyone. It is not necessarily a business topic.

Our chapter members are currently collecting food and/or merchandise coupons that are sent to U.S. soldiers to use in the PX. We have sent 5 large packages to date. In addition, we collect and donate men’s business clothes, shoes and topcoats for a back-to-work program for men going on job interviews.

Each year we have a chapter picnic instead of our regular meeting. The picnic is held at the home or business of one of the members. Also, in November we conduct a “Shop-‘Til-You Drop” meeting for all of our members as well as the members of the McMurray Chapter. Any member of either chapter who has products to sell bring their products to the meeting and set up a table for all of the members to do some Holiday shopping.